Photography Studio Rental | Winter Haven, Florida.

About Studio

Our home studio is located in Winter Haven, in the Old Lucern Road communities. It has a space of 400 square feet, it has air conditioning, Wi-Fi, speaker connected to music service, strobes, papers backdrop, hand painted backdrop and ceiling hook so you can take aerial photos with white sheets. It also has a beaty spot with a mirror and light so you can do makeup and hairstyle.

you can Use the Space for

Fine Art Photography

Boudoir Photography

Glamour Photography

Portrait Photography


Westcott FJ400 (x2)

Westcott FJ-X3 Universal Wireless for (Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic Lumix & Olympus)

Westcott Optical Spot by Lindsay Adler

Westcott FJ-XR Wireless Receiver (x2)

Neewer S101-400W (x2)

Neewer Vision 4 (x2)

Glow EZ 12x56 Stripbox (x2)

Glow EZ 34" Beauty Dish Silver

Glow EZ 60" Octa

Glow 8x8 Butterfly Light Modifier (White, Black & Green Screen)


V-Flat x2

Neewer Pro Stainless Steel C Stand (x2)

Neewer Stainless Steel Light Stand (2)

Neewer 77-Inch Tripode

Full Body Mannequin



1 hour Studio Rent - $60

1 Hour Studio Rental With Equipment - $75

Full Day Studio Rent (6 hours)- $275

Extras for rent

*For use only in studio

Sony Alpha a7ii - $60

Sony 50mm 1.2 GM - $75

Sony 35mm 1.4 GM - $75

Damage Waiver - Maximum protection from liability due to unintentional damage, including liquid damage.

$50 per gear

+$50 deductible per incident

No Damage Waiver - Any damaged or lost gear is completely on you to pay to repair or replace. 

Studio Work